Portable Cylinder Flood Barriers - Temporary Levees





Flood Control International is now a distributor for the Portable Cylinder Flood Barrier system, manufactured by Aquariwa in Germany.

This innovative and patented system provides a mobile, quickly erected flood defence. Unlike traditional systems, it requires minimal manpower and material, and can be mobilised and erected in a short period of time, without the need for tools and equipment. No technical skills are required, enabling the systems to be easily assembled by untrained volunteers. Once the flood has passed, the system is quick and easy to disassemble and remove.

To see just how easy it is to deploy 1.5km of Portable Cylinder Flood Barriers, see this video, filmed in Gartow, Germany.


Operation Overview

The basic principle is a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sheet that is formed into a cylinder. The sheet can be manufactured in different sizes, depending on the requirements of the protection level.

The sheet is then locked together using bespoke locking pins that require no tools or special knowledge to use. Each cylinder has a mesh base that is gathered and fixed, creating a base on which to place special plastic waterbag liners that fit inside the cylinders.

The cylinders can form any shape and be deployed on inclines if necessary. Once positioned, plastic membranes are placed along the line of cylinders and the front edge held in place using sandbags. These seal the whole system against floodwater and prevent water from penetrating the soil.

The system is easy to store, transport and deploy, and can be adapted to different sites and water impacts, by changing its configuration and filling.


  • Each cylinder replaces the equivalent of up to 300 sandbags.
  • Even just 100mm of water inside the cylinder can protect against the initial 300mm of floodwater.
  • No tools or technical knowledge required.
  • Assembly and dismantling can be learned quickly in minutes.
  • A single fork-liftable pallet rack will hold 100 linear metres of flood barrier.
  • Versatility of deployment - the cylinders can follow any line, including up and down kerbs and slopes.
  • Affordable solution that can be reused time and again.
  • Guaranteed for 5 years.


  • Wide-area protection requiring temporary flood barriers, such as river banks, railway lines, commercial and residential areas.
  • Height of protection can be raised where necessary by filling lower cylinders with sand and stacking another line of cylinders above.
  • Protection heights to 1.2m as standard.